Class: MX1
Age: 16/02/1989
Hometown:Mount Gambier/ Parkwood
Results:1st overall in MX1 championship 2015
If I didn’t Race: Working as a fitter an turner
Hobbies: Cycling, MTB, Stand up paddle boarding, beach, swimming
Finished School: Year 10 (Left half way through year 11)
First job: Fitter an turner was my first job
First race and result: I can’t remember my first ever race, I was 5 years old. Would of been a club race in Mt Gambier
First Race Win: First race win would of been at club level aswell, not sure at what age maybe 6-7



One Christmas my parents got my older brother and sister a Z50 and I wasn’t interested in my presents I just wanted ‘BIKE’ (when I was 3 years old) My brother an sister would dink me around on it and u couldn’t get the smile off my face, Then 2 years later at Christmas my got my own QR50.

We started off light just doing club days and flat tracks but that escalated quickly, when our local club had an Australian junior title when I was 9 years old. That opened our eyes up a lot and that would be the start of chasing around the Australian circuit.

I race professionally now for the KTM racing team, which is a job that consumes 90% of ur life but I wouldn’t have it any other way! I love the people I have meet and the parts of the world I have seen from racing, have an awesome family, friends and partner so I like to try spend as much time with them outside my racing.

Living in Queensland it is always hot so love heading down to the beach for a swim, paddle board or just taking my dog down for a run. I love watching other professional athletes doing their jobs because I can appreciate the effort that goes into being good at what you do!




Frame: 2018 Factory Edition KTM Orange
Wheels: Factory KTM Wheels
Front Brakes: Disc 270mm Flame Brake Disc & Brembo Calliper
Rear Brake Disc: Flame Brake Disc & Brembo Calliper
Triple Clamps: Factory KTM – Factory triple clamp 22MM OffSet
Forks: Factory WP 48mm Cone Valve
Shock: Factory WP Trax Shock
Hole Shot Device: ktm HOLE SHOT DEVICE
Handlebars: Renthal 996 Twin Wall
Grips: ODI Medium Compound Limited Edition No Waffle TLD grip
Engine Plugs: Factory Oil Filter Cover
Spark Plug and Plug Cap: NGK
Air Filters: Twin Air
Exhaust System: FMF titanium 4.1 exhaust system
Plastics: Genuine KTM Plastics
Foot Pegs: Raptor MX
Graphics: Kustom MX
Seat: Factory Seat
Chain: EK Chains
Tyres: Dunlop GEOMAX
ECU: Vortex