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Class: MXD
Age: 18 (17/09/1998)
Hometown: Toowoomba
Best Result: 5th
If I didn’t Race: Architect
Hobbies: Boxing/skiing
Fist Job: Carwash Express
School: Year 12
First race and result: Warwick on a 50, not sure
First race win: Toowoomba clubday 2003



I had an early introduction to bike riding as when a baby my Dad would put me to sleep on his bike.  I began riding a motorbike as a two year old and have been racing motorcross since 2004 starting out on a KTM 50 mini adventure through to this year on a Husquavna 250FC In those early days I would ride every day if my parents let me and nearly every weekend Mum and Dad would take me to practice/competitions or I would ride at home.  

When I was about 6 my parents bought a property at Gowrie Junction in Queensland and Dad commenced putting a motorcross track on the property. I am lucky enough to have efficient equipment to continually change and adapt the three tracks at our property. Along with my own tracks I am fortunate to have plenty of other private tracks around my area that keep me on my toes.

I completed school at St Mary‘s Boys College in 2015 where I was a House Captain in my final year. The school was very obliging of my sport as with the MX Nationals in my final year I might only be at the college for 3 days a week.  I received a University Entrance Score on completion of my studies in 2015 and if  my motorbike career should end I have a backup plan to enroll at University where I would like to study architecture.     

Last year I started competing professionally and have been training with Dean Ferris and Guy Andrews which has been an amazing experience to learn off the best.  

In my early years I dabbled in BMX where I raced in the Queensland Titles but preferred an engine between my legs. Definitely my favourite sport outside of motorcross is boxing. Getting in the ring is outright one of my favourite adrenaline rushes but along with that the amount of training you have to put in out of the ring links so much to the aspects of  motorcross.

Going to the movies, out on the boat or relaxing with friends and family are an easy way to wind down after massive days on and off the bike. Another aspect within the sport I enjoy doing is helping younger riders as I know how much I looked up to ‘pro riders’




Exhaust: FMF
Tyres: Dunlop
Triple Clamps: X-trig clamp
Handle Bars: ODI flight handlebar
Fuel: VP Racing Fuels
Graphics: Rival MX



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