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Class: MX2
Age: 21, 29/12/1995
Hometown: Como, NSW
Best Result: 1st SXD Championship 2014
If I didn’t Race: I would work for motocross Media Company doing photography
Hobbies: Film and photography
School: Year 10
First job: Emptying pokies at the pub
First MXN race and result: Horsham 2015 6th overall
First MXN Race Win: Raymond Terrace 2015



My parents bought me a bike for my 4th birthday, my Dad raced a lot in his younger years as a privateer on the National Circuit. We took it really easy for a few years with bikes and i juggled playing Soccer until i was 15, along the way i won a fair few championships here and there and we never really took it that serious until it was time to turn senior, the talent and work ethic were there, it was just whether we were going to get a normal 9-5 job or chase a dream for a few years and see how it panned out, so luckily for me, my parents backed me 100% and we went racing, we had 2 really bad years where i was injured a number of times and they were pretty serious, and that was where it kind of clicked, the injuries really matured me and i realised where my body and head needed to be, it wasn’t a case of not trying, it was a case of how we went about it, when to ride at 100%, when not too, when to train, when to have days off and all that type of stuff. From there I’ve come a really long way, from doing it with my parents to riding for manufacturers and teams and being up the front battling for race wins in the premier series in the country. It’s just a really cool feeling to do this as a job and most importantly live my dream day in day out, and for that I cannot say a big enough thank you to my parents, without their backing i 110% would not be where I am. For me now, its dirt bikes, cycling, gym and just hanging with my mates anywhere in between.”




Exhaust: Pro Circuit TI6 Pro
Ignition: Vortex
Air Filter: Funnel Web
Sprockets: Renthal
Chain: DID Gold Series
Suspension: Factory Spec Suspension
Rims: Exel rim with Kite Hubs
Tyres: Pirelli
Triple Clamps: Xtrig/factory
Front Brake: Moto Master- oversized Bremsscheibe Vorne
Handle Bars: Renthal/factory
Grips: ODI
Lubricants: Motul
Graphics: Custom Motokit Decals