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Class: MXD
Age: 16
Hometown: Tinamba, VIC
Results: 2016 MXR champion/ 2016 AJMX 15 years 125 champion
If I didn’t Race: Basketball or AFL
Hobbies: MTB / fishing
School: Year 10 – Home schooling year 11
First job: School
First race and result: Maffra – no idea on result
First Race Win: no idea.



Dad bought me a bike for Christmas in 2002 and like everyone it was a PW50. We have a little bit of land where we live in Victoria so I just rode around the back yard for a few years dodging trees and pets.

Then I started racing in 2005. Dad took me down to a practice day at Maffra and I was able to get around ok so we decided to start racing at club level. I can’t remember my first race so it must not have been really good but we kept going back so it must not have been that bad either.

I did my first Australian Junior Championships in 2009 at my home track in Maffra and I finished third in the 50cc class and it’s been pretty much non-stop since then.

I was picked up by the Victorian Yamaha Junior Racing Team in 2012 and have been with Yamaha ever since. The Junior Racing Team that Yamaha do is awesome and I was able to work with Cameron Taylor and get a lot of support from Yamaha over the years.

2016 was my last year of juniors and I was able to win the 15 years 125cc class and finish on the podium on the 250 so it was a nice way to finish junior racing. 

This year is a big step up to the MXD class with longer races and lot more support. Working with the Yamalube Yamaha team is unreal and they have been a huge help just giving me the knowledge and guidance to go racing. I was also able to go over to New Zealand and race there with the help of Josh Coppins and that’s something no other brand can offer – the opportunity to work with such experienced people.

This year will be must harder than before but I will keep working hard and training throughout the year. The MX Nationals is such a big event now and it’s just awesome to be a part of that and I can’t wait to race all the new tracks this year.




Head: Standard with YRT flow
Piston: standard
Cams: Standard
Airbox: Yamalube Yamaha Racing modified
Filter: Unifilter
Exhaust: GYTR Akrapovic
Throttle Body: Standard / R and D
ECU: Standard / Vortex
Tyres: Dunlop MX3S
Gearing: 13/ 49
Chain: DID MX520
Sprockets: JT
Handlebars: Pro taper
Grips: Pro Taper
Graphics: Serco Custom Decals
Suspension: standard with Yamalube Yamaha Racing mods
Seat: CFX



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