After the 2nd round at Appin, the WBR duo of Hugh McKay in MXD and Aaron Tanti in MX2 seemed to be hitting their stride. While last rounds final results weren’t there on paper, both boys had confirmed their lap times could match anyone on the track at Appin, it was just about putting the pieces together at Conondale.

With a track primed to perfection the weather conditions couldn’t have been more perfect in the rolling hills of Southern Qld. Hugh and Aaron reinforced their confidence qualifying a season best of 3rd and 4th in their respective classes, setting the tune for a positive day.

Firing straight off the start line for the MX2 opener, Aaron wasted no time battling with the front runners, placing himself just behind Jackson Richardson and Wilson Todd as he ripped around the track.

What could only be described as an epic fight throughout, Aaron unfortunately binned the bike going for a pass on Richardson he recovered quickly, only losing one spot. From there the top 4 went back and forth before Aaron settled in for 4th, doing well to hold off a hard charging Kyle Webster at the finish of an exhausting race which never relented.

Things started less smoothly in Hugh McKay’s first moto as he got caught up in a first corner MXD pile up. Not to be deterred he moved from just outside the top 10 into 7th for a decent finish where he raced consistently, again doing his best work late in the race.

After eating roost in the first moto Aaron Tanti came out like a man possessed for his second start.Going from 6th in the first corner, Tanti spent the next lap and a half picking off the best MX2 riders in the country one by one, bulldogging his way into 1st place where he then proceeded to pull a gap on the pack.

With Aaron on fire and the team ecstatic, disaster cruelly ended the honeymoon in the worst way, with a flat rear tyre finishing Aaron’s opportunity for a win. Refusing to quit, he did his best for the remaining 15 minutes with a dead flat rear, bravely salvaging some points with an 11th in the moto, ending up with an overall equal 6th for the day.

Hoping for some better luck, Hugh McKay had a reasonable start in his final MXD moto. He went for a pass into 7th early but crashed clipping a rival’s bike, resulting in a stall. After recovering deep in the field, Hugh rode solidly through traffic posting strong lap times late. By then though, Hugh was simple too far behind to get a solid result, ending with a frustrating 11th in the moto, with 9th for the day.

Back in the pits the team reconciled what could have been. With qualifying showing their speed and Tanti proving his mettle prying his way into a moto first place briefly, great results are just around the corner. While a bit dejected, both boys walked away confident that they have the speed to fight the best in the country for podium spots.