KTM Motocross Racing Team’s Regan Duffy took command of both Yamaha Rising Star Rookies motos to claim the overall at Coolum’s Pirelli MX Nationals, with margins of 14.2s and 13.7s over Noah Ferguson (KTM). GYTR Yamaha’s Levi Rogers finished both motos in third place.

In the first outing Alex Larwood (GYTR Yamaha) placed fourth with Corben Weinert (Husqvarna) fifth. In the second moto Weinert improved with a fourth, followed by James Beston (Yamaha) in fifth. The series points saw Duffy crowned ahead of Blake Fox (KTM) and Dante Hyam (Honda).

1. Regan Duffy (KTM) 70
2. Noah Ferguson (KTM) 64
3. Levi Rogers (Yamaha) 60
4. Corben Weinert (Husqvarna) 54
5. James Beston (Yamaha) 51
6. Alex Larwood (Yamaha) 51
7. Dante Hyam (Honda) 49
8. Blake Fox (KTM) 47
9. Dylan Vivian (KTM) 43
10. Kipp Adams (Honda) 43

Victorian veteran Cameron Taylor (Yamaha) took top honours in the Yamaha 125 Gold Cup, with Luke Davis (Yamaha) second and Clay Kilvington (KTM) third.

Hamish McGrath (Yamaha) came from fourth place on the opening lap to win the first 125cc moto, capitalising on a mistake by Steven Powell (KTM) to take the race lead and win. Taylor finished second, Kilvington third, Davis fourth and Geoff Braico (Husqvarna) fifth.

Taylor won the second moto by a mere 1.2 seconds over Davis after passing him midway through the race. Kilvington finished third, with Braico and Jack Foley (KTM) rounding out the top five. The title was collected by Taylor, topping Braico and Ryan Butler (KTM).

1. Cameron Taylor (Yamaha) 67
2. Luke Davis (Yamaha) 60
3. Clay Kilvington (KTM) 60
4. Geoff Braico (Husqvarna) 54
5. Steve Powell (KTM) 48
6. Ryan Butler (KTM) 47
7. Boyd Hocking (Husqvarna) 47
8. Bradley Rankmore (KTM) 46
9. Tristan Duncan (Honda) 40
10. Zac Williams (KTM) 40

In the Yamaha Amateur Cup, Joshua Livsey (Suzuki) won both races to take the round victory from Craig Bolton (KTM) and Mitchell Dark (Husqvarna).

Livsey took a 17.4 second win over Ryan Hardman (KTM) and Dark in the opening race, with Ryan Kenney (KTM) and Bolton fourth and fifth.

The second outing saw Livsey dominate by 28s as he led Darcy Cavanagh (KTM) and Bolton across the finish line. Josh Kilvington (KTM) finished fourth and Jesse Bishop (KTM) fifth. Kilvington claimed the title from Kenney and Cavanagh.

1. Joshua Livsey (Suzuki) 70
2. Craig Bolton (KTM) 56
3. Mitchell Dark (Husqvarna) 55
4. Darcy Cavanagh (KTM) 52
5. Josh Kilvington (KTM) 50
6. Jesse Bishop (KTM) 50
7. Ryan Kenney (KTM) 50
8. Lachlan Holroyd (Yamaha) 45
9. Daniel Kelly (Suzuki) 44
10. Jack McNeice (Honda) 42

The Yamaha YZ65 Cup saw Jake Cannon take a narrow overall victory from Kayd Kingsford and Seth Burchell in a popular second appearance for the innovative new one-make category.

Kingsford took the opening race honours by 22.3 seconds over Cannon, with Burchell third, Wil Carpenter fourth and Michael Jones fifth.

The second race saw Ty Sharp lead every lap to win by 20.2 seconds from Carpenter, with Burchell third. Nate Thompson finished fourth and Cannon fifth.

The third and final Yamaha 65 Cup moto saw Cannon make a last-lap pass on Kingsford to claim the race and overall. Burchell placed third, while Carpenter and Thompson rounded out the top five.

1. Jake Cannon 93
2. Kayd Kingsford 91
3. Seth Burchell 90
4. Wil Carpenter 88
5. Ty Sharp 79
6. Nate Thompson 73
7. Indy Radcliffe 72
8. Michael Jones 70
9. Deegan Rose 66
10. William Harvey 60