Podium for Metcalfe

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2018-08-06T15:15:52+00:00August 6th, 2018|

Brett Metcalfe continues to impress in the second half of the MX Nationals Championship after claiming another podium over the weekend, despite battling a cold, which threatened to de-rail his form.


“Having kids leaves you susceptible to getting colds and I was concerned when I came down with this one, that it may affect my performance. It’s lingered for over a week and definitely impacted my weekend,” said Metcalfe.


Qualifying was very positive for the team. Adjusting the motorcycle throughout practice and qualifying gave Metcalfe the confidence to stay up front.


“We made a few adjustments to the bike during practice and I felt very confident during qualifying. Our lap times improved as the day went on and I am very pleased to come away with 3rdplace.” Metcalfe said.


Moto 1 proved challenging, although Metcalfe showed great pace and was fastest throughout the moto, the track had limited lines and made it very difficult to pass other riders. Metcalfe had to surrender his fight to the front and settle for 2ndplace.


“Moto 1 was good and bad, I wanted to win and I pushed several times for the lead but there were limited areas to pass and I had to settle for 2nd.  I want to congratulate Dean on the Championship he has ridden well all year,” Metcalfe said.


Moto 2 was even more challenging; Metclafe got a decent start but ran out of energy towards the end of the race claiming 4th for 3rdoverall on the day.


“I was bummed with race 2 but I need to accept that my energy wasn’t there, this cold got the better of me.  I am happy with another podium but I know and truly believe we are capable of winning races” finished Metcalfe.


Metcalfe moved to 4th in the Championship and still has a mathematical chance of taking out 2ndoverall. Team director Yarrive Konsky is content with the teams performance in the second half of the Championship.


“Our points from Conondale to now have been terrific.  In fact our points in the 2ndhalf have been second best to Dean.  We have learnt a great deal and we have proven to be competitive.  Whilst we have a mathematical chance for an overall podium, I am happy with the progress we have made and am comfortable with where we currently stand.” Said Konsky


The final round of the MX Nationals Championship will be held in Coolum, Queensland. For more information visit: https://www.mxnationals.com.au/spectator-info/round-10-coolum/